Neck Plasty

The fullness under the jaw, also colloquially known as the "jowl", can appear even at young ages. This aesthetically uncomfortable condition is a problem that affects the appearance of the person. As the age progresses, the skin of the jaw structure may lose its tightness and gets loose. Such annoying sagging problems that appear in the neck region can be solved through a plastic surgery.

How is the neck lift procedure performed?

Neck lift surgeries performed under general anesthesia can sometimes be performed in combination with facelift surgeries.

The platysma (neck muscle) and the neck's fatty tissue are accessed through a small incision made behind the ear or under the jaw. Removing excess fat deposits from the neck muscles can eliminate the sagging. The excess skin is removed, and the incisions are closed with sutures.

What are the points to take into consideration after thigh neck lift surgery?

After surgery, a drain can be placed under the neck skin, in order to prevent accumulation of any liquid that may increase the swelling of the neck skin and discomfort. The drain can be removed within a day or two. It might be a necessity to utilize a custom-made corset that helps reduce the postoperative swelling, for ensuring a fast recovery. It is recommended to wear the corset day and night for a period of about 1 week, and then only at nights for 1 month. Smokers are asked to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery.

Injection Procedure

Injection procedure can be performed for the wrinkles and vertical bands in the region extending from the neck base called the "platysma muscle" to under the jaw. This method is suitable for simple wrinkles on the neck. Intramuscular injection that does not require anesthesia and helps the patient to get back to his/her normal life immediately is considered to be a procedure that can be performed in a doctor's office. 

Neck Liposuction (for fat removal)

It is a liposuction procedure performed on patients with high-quality skin, whose problem is just excess fat deposition. It is a procedure that involves the removal of excess fat deposits through an incision made under the jaw.

This procedure is usually performed alone as a neck lift operation. This procedure takes about 1 hour. A bandage should be used for a certain period of time after the operation.


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