It has been a few months since my body lift operation, I have not even dreamed of such a good result. I'd like to thank my doctor, Dr. Mirza Firat, very much for his care and interest. If I feel that I'm about to weep for joy every time I see myself in the mirror, this is all because of you..

A. L.

I'm one of the patients of Dr. Mirza Firat. I have had facial rejuvenation surgery . You've done a job, in consequence of which everything has gone the way I wanted it to go, and people now see the change when they look at my face but never understand what has happened. Thank you so much. You will always be in my decisions, whenever I want to have something done with intent to become younger and more beautiful.

K. D.

My sister has gained a healthy, aesthetically beautiful, and natural-looking nose because of you. The next operation is abdominoplasty that will be performed on my mother. Thank you Dr. Firat.

T. A.

I have now a natural-looking and functional nose. Nobody notice that it has been operated. May Allah keep your hands healthy, doctor... many thanks.

S. A.

I don’t shy away from mirrors any longer, because of you. I gained a natural and aesthetically beautiful appearance as a result of my rhinoplasty that I had done last winter. May Allah keep your hands healthy... I appreciate your work.

K. T.

Years ago, I found the opportunity to meet you, as a result of with my friend's recommendation. Initially, I had some concerns. However, I was impressed by first of all your personality, calm manner and professional knowledge. I'm glad that I met you.

A. Ç

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Mirza fırat tavsiyeler Recommendations

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