It is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the two fat pockets (bichat fat pads) located in the cheeks, through an incision made inside the mouth, with intent to obtain a more concave appearance.

Bichectomy performed on those who have problems with their cheek region to have tighter, younger and fresher cheeks instead of saggy cheeks is today performed successfully and produce pleasing results. 

Eefects Of Bichectomy On Women

In women, flat or slightly concave cheeks create much greater effect. Removal of the fat pockets in the cheeks helps women to look more adult ("look sexier" in their words).

An evident facial oval, more contoured cheekbones, and flat or slightly concave cheeks definitely enable women to look sexier. Achieving an effective result in a short time with a bloodless and risk-free surgery is a very exceptional situation in all plastic surgery procedures.

Eefects Of Bichectomy On Men

With this surgical procedure, it is possible to eliminate the puffiness of cheeks in men. It enables the person to look slimmer, more physically fit, and healthier. It creates a young and attractive appearance, accentuating the facial contours

How Long Does Bichectomy Take?

The total duration of this surgical procedure varies from 10 to 20 minutes. The reason of why the surgical procedure takes such a short time is the fact that the bichat fat pad can be easily accessed from the inside of the cheek. The removal of the bichat fat pad and the placement of 2-3 sutures take a total of 5-6 minutes. It does not cause bleeding or bruising on the cheeks.

After Bichectomy

At the end of the surgery, a bandage is placed on the cheeks. This bandage is intended to prevent edema that may replace the removed fat. The bandage should be kept in its place for 2 days. Family and friends of the patient, who has had this surgery, may think that he/she has had facelift surgery or has had his/her cheekbones augmented with filler injections. In fact, it is only a simple operation that takes 20 minutes.  


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